Photography Careers

After looking at the careers, three jobs that seem interesting are a cinematographer, an artist, and a portrait photographer. All very nice jobs that are a bit higher on the level of experience. What mainly sparks my interest in these jobs is the creativity that…

Close Up Portraits

The blurry one is not really a close up but I wanted to add it since I thought it was cool.

Masters of Photography: Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is the photographer that I chose. I believe this photographer to be the greatest landscape photographer of all time. Michael Kenna and Nadav Kander are both cool and all but there is something else with Adams. Adams has a realist style and captures…

Emily Blincoe

This certain picture caught my eye due to the effort it probably took to create such a photo. To get each match to its specific place is crazy. It’s very nice too as your eyes follow the line down.

Travel Poster

Alaska has great landscapes and scenery. The wildlife there is fascinating as well. I also just like the cold and snow as well so it’s perfect for me. Maybe in my retirement I will settle down in Anchorage, Alaska.